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Monday, February 19, 2007

VA Widow SharonAndersonWhistleblower

LisPendends on BuckLake Property 15823 CtyRd.55 Nashwauk,MN 55769 fraudulenty conveyed to JR Daughter who works at,contrary to MS317.xx Corporate nonprofit Anderson+Advocates no valid divorce or divesture of the Company triggering the indictments of Chief Judge Gregg Johnson and his lawyer wife Susan Haigh

LEGAL NOTICE VIA E COMMERCE TO REOPEN: US DIST1258(MONTGOMERY) BASED OF BAD BEHAVIOR TRIGGERING DEATH, Federal Judge Ann Montgomery acting in concort with MN US Attorney Lonnie Bryan to deny VA due process, as Cpl Jim Anderson was at Brainard State Hospital for (1) year,unknow to his wife at that time:

view slide show: Please copy,circulate for public scrunity release Willy before he is Murdered also JR was taken out 21Sept00 by on another property issue in Itasca Co. fraudulent conveyance on Buck Lake at 15823 Cty Rd 55 Nashwauk,55769 owned by Anderson+Advocates Inc.
1984+Tax+Court.jpg (image) Bull3Bill03JR&Shar(Homeless)1989BerniceMemoralization+011.jpg (image) Ex-agent wins lawsuit against FBI

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