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Thursday, January 25, 2007

COVA03-0639 Semper Fi

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Sharon L. Anderson

Sharon L. Anderson,Appellant,
Secretary of Veterans Affairs,Appellee.
Pro se: Appellant Appearances for Appellee
Sharon L. Anderson
1058 Summit
P.O. Box 4384
St. Paul MN 55104-0384
Adam K. Llewellyn, Esq.
BVA Information
BVA Decision Mail Date:12/4/2002
3/28/2003FEE CVA$50.00$50.00
DateFilings and Proceedings
3/28/2003FILED:US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims' Filing Fee - $50.00 (Not Assigned)
3/28/2003Notice of Appeal (MOFFEG) (DESHAP)
4/3/2003Notice of Docketing for bva dec by 5-5-03; dr by 6-2-03 (DESHAP)
4/4/2003Copy of BVA Decision (MOFFEG) (M - 4/4/2003) (TOBESS)
4/7/2003RECEIVED: Correspondence from appellant (M - 4/9/2003) (TOBESS)
6/2/2003Appearance of Ari Nazarov, atty for the appellee (M - 6/2/2003) (TOBESS)
6/2/2003Designation of Record (MOFFEG) (M - 6/2/2003) (TOBESS)
6/3/2003Notice to Counter-Designate Record by 7/8/2003 (TOBESS)
8/6/2003Record on Appeal (M - 8/6/2003) (TOBESS)
8/6/2003Notice to File Brief 10/6/2003 (TOBESS)
8/18/2003RECEIVED: Returned mail, appellant's notice to file brief; resent 8/20/03, appellant's brief due 10/20/03 (TOBESS)
10/30/2003ORDERED that, by 11/19/2003, the appellant must explain why the Crt should not dismiss this appeal because of the appellant's failure to comply with the Crt's rules; proceedings are stayed until further order of the Court. (SMT) (TOBESS)
11/21/2003RECEIVED: Appellant's Brief (TOBESS)
12/1/2003Notice of nonconforming papers to appellant, brief, not in compliance with Rule 28(a) or complete informal brief enclosed; proceedings are stayed until 12/15/2003, to allow you to submit a new doc (TOBESS)
12/15/2003Ord that the appellant's brief is due by December 24, 2003 ((JLANE) VM) (BACONL)
12/30/2003RECEIVED: Appellant's Brief (with/book, cd's, etc.) (TOBESS)
1/8/2004Ord that the appellant's brief is not accepted for filing; the Clerk will return the apa's brief and the accompaning material to the apa with this ord; the apa file a brief which complies with the Rules not later than 2/9/04, the apa may use the informalbrf, the Clerk is directed to return any filing which does not comply with the Rules (FARLEJ) (TOBESS)
1/22/2004The Crt's 1/8/04 ord, informal brf, and accompanying material, refused and returned by appellant ; resent ord and informal brf ( - 1/22/2004) (TOBESS)
2/11/2004Appellant's Brief (M - 2/9/2004) (TOBESS)
4/14/2004Mo of appellee to ext time to 5/12/04 to file brief (M - 4/14/2004) (TOBESS)
4/16/2004Clerk's ord granting appellee's 4/14/04 mot until 5/12/04 (TOBESS) (TOBESS)
4/23/2004Appearance of Adam K. Llewellyn, atty for the appellee (M - 4/23/2004) (TOBESS)
5/12/2004Mo of appellee to ext time to 5/27/04 to file brief (M - 5/12/2004) (TOBESS)
5/13/2004Clerk's ord granting appellee's 5/12/04 mot until 5/27/04 (TOBESS) (TOBESS)
5/27/2004Mo of appellee to ext time to 6/1/04 to file brief (M - 5/27/2004) (TOBESS)
6/1/2004RECEIVED: Appellee's Brief (M - 6/1/2004) (TOBESS)
6/2/2004Appellee's Brief (M - 6/1/2004) (TOBESS)
6/2/2004Clerk's ord granting appellee's 5/27/04 mot until 6/1/04 (TOBESS) (TOBESS)
6/21/2004Appellant's Reply Brief (M - 6/22/2004) (TOBESS)
6/29/2004Assigned to Judge Kasold (MEYERK)
8/13/2004Ord that the BVA decn is affirmed (BKASOLD) (MEYERK)
8/31/2004RECEIVED: Appellant's motion for reconsideration or full Court (MEYERK)
9/17/2004Ord that the appellant's motion for reconsideration or full-Court decision is denied (BKASOLD) (MEYERK)
10/12/2004Judgment (MEYERK)
12/14/2004Mandate (MEYERK)
12/14/2004Case Closed Mandate (MEYERK)
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